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Australian Breast Centre: All Your Breast Services Together

The Australian Breast Centre is a caring, convenient one-stop service for women who need investigation of breast symptoms. Consultation and imaging is done at the same session.

Vision XRAY offers dedicated breast Centres, the Australian Breast Centre, where we have specialist breast physicians working with trained Specialist Breast Radiologists and comprehensive breast imaging services.

The Australia Breast Centres are specialist facilities providing a patient-centered service, delivered by a dedicated team, specialising in breast symptoms and breast cancer.  Our team, care for women with diverse breast problems including lumps, swelling, pain, nipple discharge. We also provide assessment to women with breast implants.

Our clinical team, in consultation with you referring doctor, will decide appropriate testing for your specific situation and symptoms. You will have a clinical review, possibly breast imaging and sometimes a needle biopsy to have an accurate diagnosis.

You will be able to discuss any concerns with the Breast Physician at the time of your consultation.

A referral from your doctor to the Australian Breast Centre is required, so that continuity of your care is maintained and to ensure professional communication.

The Australian Breast Centre is located:


The Australian Breast Centre provides a combined and comprehensive clinical, imaging and pathology assessment as indicated, at the same visit.  All clinicians involved in the process have long standing and specific expertise in breast assessment. Our Breast Radiologist/Physician is Dr Sophia Zadelis.

The ABC service is also happy to see women potentially at higher risk of breast cancer who may have hormonal concerns, or who may require a more tailored imaging surveillance than that provided by routine breast screening.


  • ABC provides a more comprehensive assessment for women who may be concerned about their breast who find a breast change and who want a one stop shop.

  • For this group a visit to their GP they can get a referral to the ABC to see a Breast Physician who can tailor their treatment to their needs all on the same day.

  • Women benefit from peace of mind and they come out with an overall conclusion and recommendation for management of the breast issue for further follow-up through their own GP.

  • This gives women a follow-up plan as to further management/ review or no further action required.

  • We are not only aimed at diagnosis, even young women with benign pathology require a management plan. Some women experience breast pain that has no imaging findings but still needs management. Similarly a patient with no imaging finding and a clinical abnormality benefits from the ABC service as and experience in handling this type of situation.

  • The Breast physician is highly specialised in breast management and supports the GP and Surgeon in the best possible, individualized treatment for the patient.

  • ABC is happy to be involved in post-op cancer patients follow-up in conjunction with surgeons/oncologists.

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