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Australian Breast Centre

This caring, convenient one-stop service is for people who need investigation of breast symptoms delivered by a patient-centred specialist team.

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About our centres

Our specialist Australian Breast Centre facilities provide a patient-centred service delivered by a dedicated team specialising in breast symptoms and diagnosing both benign and malignant disease.


Our team cares for people with diverse breast symptoms and concerns, ensuring every patient leaves our centre with a follow-up plan and recommendation after their assessment.

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A collaborative approach

Patients need to be referred to our service by a doctor with whom we liaise and discuss further management requirements.


This provides continuity of care and the best outcomes for our patients.

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Our specialist team

Our comprehensive service is undertaken by a dedicated, highly trained, experienced team that demonstrates compassion and understanding in a calm environment.


Our specialist breast radiologist and breast physician, Dr Sophia Zadelis, works with experienced mammographers, breast sonographers and MRI technicians. We also work very closely with highly trained breast pathologists.

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Our imaging services

Australian Breast Centres offer the following on-site services:

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